I am a drawing artist living on Australia's sunny Gold Coast. 

Like a lot of artists, I have been drawing since I was a child. Dad bought me my first set of Derwent Artist colour pencils and mum uncovered my masterpieces drawn on the underside of the family coffee table! 

I have been told I am down-to-earth in my creative approach. I welcome the description as I firmly believe art skills are attainable by anyone. It takes dedication, hard work and practice, rather than wishful thinking and an artsy-fartsy smock!


I am best known for my diverse subjects and detailed works that catch the eye. Primarily working with colour pencil and graphite, I specialise in expressing realism through my technique. 

My work is often inspired by something offbeat, situations of everyday life, nature or my travels. Some pieces tell a clear story, others allow the view to derive their own meaning and connection. 

Creating deliciously detailed subjects with no more than a sharp millimetre of pencil to do the job is no easy feat. It requires many hours, sometimes weeks and months, to build up the pigment, particularly on a large scale. My meticulous technique ensures the artwork has a depth of realism and can captivate its viewers.

Works of art are valuable, one-of-a-kind pieces that should be preserved at their original degree of quality for as long as possible. As a professional artist I only use the highest quality archival materials available to ensure longevity, sourcing supplies from the worlds leading professional artist brands. 


For more information about me and my work download the Media Kit


Art Lovers Australia 2021 Artist's Prize Finalist 

Maestro graphite pencil on watercolour paper - finalist (click to view full image)

Art Lovers Australia 2020 Artist's Prize Winner 

This is not a drill graphite pencil on watercolour paper awarded national Artist Prize

Featured in Home Design Magazine 

Colour pencil piece This seat's taken featured in Home Design Magazine Australia

Featured in Home Design Magazine 

Colour pencil piece Depth featured in Home Design Magazine Australia

Bluethumb 'Works on Paper' Curator's Pick

Jul 2021 Colour pencil piece Les Chevaux

Bluethumb 'Coastal Chillin' Curator's Pick

Jan 2021 Colour pencil piece Noosa Heads Queensland 

Bluethumb 'Calming Colours' Curator's Pick

Nov 2020 Colour pencil piece Rinse repeat

Bluethumb 'A Touch of Whimsy' Curator's Pick

June 2020 Colour pencil piece I want to speak to the manager

Bluethumb 'Luxurious and Affordable Prints' Curator's Pick

March 2020 Colour pencil piece Depth

Named Artist for Investment

Named as an artist for investment by Art Lovers Australia

Robina Community Centre Gallery Exhibition 2017 

'Giza' colour pencil on watercolour paper


Whether you're an artist, art collector, or have zero interest in art and can just relate to awkward introverts like myself, my blog is for you! I offer a rare glimpse into the "real" me. Subscribe to be notified when a new post goes live. Some popular blog posts are linked below. 

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