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We are more than the sum of one thing, one pursuit or one interest. We are all full of contradictions that make us uniquely us. 

While these two accessories are rarely seen together in real life, this still-life portrays two small parts of my life - part time on construction sites, and part time fancy pants who doesn’t mind getting dressed up to visit an art gallery. 

A worn pair of Blundstone composite boots and a pristine Burberry Alchester Bowler bag depict the surprising contradictions we can find within ourselves and our daily expressions. 

I fell in love with this bag from the first moment I saw it. As a super practical person who usually only concerns herself with the essentials in life, I was surprised I had such a strong urge to buy such luxurious frippery! The boots on the other hand were a necessity which struck very little feeling other than observing how weird it was I still visit construction sites regularly while being a professional artist. 

I embrace the contradiction and absurdity of it all, and hope to one day be brave enough to wear them together in public!

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