1. Operation Eyeball

    08 Aug 2021
    Here’s a riddle: What do surfers, agricultural workers and rock stars have in common According to my eye doctor: pterygiums (I’ll help you… it’s pronounced tuh-rij-ee-um. As Mr Slager likes to tell me, “The pee is silent, like in swimming.”) In sunny Australia, a pterygium is jovially known as…

  2. Margaret Olley’s dust bunny

    05 Jul 2021
    The other week I dusted off my best plastic jewellery for an outing to the Tweed Regional Gallery in New South Wales. A beautiful, architectural award-winning gallery with views to the Mount Warning hinterland.  View from the Tweed Regional Gallery Included at the gallery is the Margaret Olley Art Centre

  3. The book that will change your mind - Part 1

    28 Apr 2021
    Does anyone else feel like they have the brain capacity of a mollusc when confronted with a maths problem? Do you find yourself able to recite the words to every advert jingle you’ve ever heard, but struggle to remember your PIN when you’re at the checkout? It’s funny how our…

  4. The art of naming art

    02 Mar 2021
    Did you know the famous ‘Mona Lisa’ painting wasn’t known as Mona Lisa until after Leonardo da Vinci died Were you aware someone had the nerve to rename a Picasso? His descriptively titled, ‘The Girl With A Red Beret and Pompom’ was renamed to ‘Annabel’ by the nightclub owner who…

  5. Colored Pencil Touch-Up Texture and Titanium White - review and how to

    03 Feb 2021
    Do you have the tendency to push a little too hard on your paper when working with colour pencil? If you do, you’ll know the more you smoosh your pencil into the toothy groove of the paper, the more difficult it is to keep adding layers of colour. It’s like…

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