1. Art Spectrum Colourfix smooth paper review - colour pencil drawing

    03 Dec 2020
    Colourfix. It sounds like men’s hair dye doesn’t it. “In just 5 easy minutes completely cover greys…Keep livin’ the dream with Colourfix.” But since I know little of a man’s thought process when he decides to dye his hair, I’ll just stick to my riveting review on this paper.  Happily,…

  2. Just move the pencil!

    04 Nov 2020
    In my previous blog post, 4 Things I wish I knew before becoming a professional artist I spoke about the outlandish “Curing Process” foisted upon me at the ripe old age of 17 . For those who haven’t read it, in a nutshell, an old man taught me the art…

  3. 4 Things I wish I knew before becoming a professional artist

    21 Oct 2020
    When I started my first corporate job at 17, a 60-year-old man with a dry English wit showed me the ropes. He didn’t show me how to do my job (touch typing, and girl Friday activities weren’t his strong suit). Instead, he showed me how things really worked. The sort…

  4. Dribbling my inspirational basketball

    07 Oct 2020
    Some time ago I was asked, “Who inspires your art?” A thought-provoking question.  Did I provide an enlightening answer?  Consistent with other occasions I’ve been put on the spot, I blurted out tongue-tied sounds comparable to a dribbling b-b-b-b-basketball.  I don’t know precisely what bounced out, but I’m pretty sure…

  5. My Tamagotchi needs feeding

    09 Sep 2020
    The Tamagotchi. A faddish keychain-sized electronic game created by the Japanese in the 90s. The premise: an egg would appear on screen, hatch into a pet, and you would proceed to spend every waking moment nurturing it from baby to adult.  To avoid being labelled a “bad parent”, you had…

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