1. Artwork feature: the remains of Ephesus, and the missing swimsuit

    2020-05-20 20:25:30 UTC
    When you’re unable to travel, why not revisit travels past.  Today’s artwork feature and blog post comes to you courtesy of Turkey. No, it’s not a sponsored post for Steggles Poultry. It’s my recollection of the wonders of Turkey the country, its sights, sounds, and bombastic tour guides.  As you’ve…

  2. The artist’s full body workout

    2020-05-06 21:30:43 UTC
    Some years ago, the term “sitting disease” caught the eye of the corporate world and quickly became etched into irritating workplace speak. Everyone was an expert. People luxuriated in the sound of their own voices as they shamed their colleagues, “You know Carol, if you sit too much, you’ll end

  3. I’m not weird, I’m just Baltic

    2020-04-22 21:21:53 UTC
    While searching my list of half-baked blog ideas, Mr Slager, who was in the next room, sent me a very helpful email. I appreciate how dysfunctional this non-verbal communication sounds but sharing workspace in isolation has somehow made this method of delivery another “new normal”.  He’d sent an article entitled…

  4. Artwork feature: I want to speak to the manager

    2020-04-15 22:29:56 UTC
    ‘I want to speak to the manager’ Thankfully I’ve never received this verbal slap in the face in any of my past employment.  Although a delivery driver once bellowed down the phone at me to express outrage at driving up a newly built one-way street, something I had somehow surreptitiously…

  5. Park & Shop

    2020-04-08 21:47:42 UTC
    With the pandemic causing the topsy-turvy emotions of a cat that wants in, out and back in again, we decided to give ourselves a distraction in the form of a good old fashioned board game.  We have Pandemic the board game but given the last time we played it we…

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