1. Artwork feature: I want to speak to the manager

    15 Apr 2020
    ‘I want to speak to the manager’ Thankfully I’ve never received this verbal slap in the face in any of my past employment.  Although a delivery driver once bellowed down the phone at me to express outrage at driving up a newly built one-way street, something I had somehow surreptitiously…

  2. Park & Shop

    08 Apr 2020
    With the pandemic causing the topsy-turvy emotions of a cat that wants in, out and back in again, we decided to give ourselves a distraction in the form of a good old fashioned board game.  We have Pandemic the board game but given the last time we played it we…

  3. Artwork feature: Japan, Nakabashi Bridge

    01 Apr 2020
    Once again, it is sakura season in Japan. Cherry blossoms, yay! A beautiful time of year that has been celebrated for several centuries.   Regrettably this year, due to Coronavirus, it is recommended people stay home and watch previous blossomings online in the comfort of their own home with a glass…

  4. Google said I look like a man in tights

    25 Mar 2020
    Unfortunately, quarantine doesn’t look good on everyone Only a few days into quarantine and already bemoaning the boredom?  It’s a perfect opportunity to clean out the roof gutters or sequinned disco outfits you never wear, but for some reason you’re “just not feeling it”?  I have a solution.  Mr Slager…

  5. Graphite: what is it? It isn’t lower back pain

    18 Mar 2020
    Like activated almonds served on a bed of brown rice, my blog topics arise organically.  Occasionally there’s a rhyme and reason to what I write about, other times, I divulge absurdities that are best left for a therapist.  Today I bring you both rhyme and reason.  Somebody recently told me…

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