1. Dribbling my inspirational basketball

    07 Oct 2020
    Some time ago I was asked, “Who inspires your art?” A thought-provoking question.  Did I provide an enlightening answer?  Consistent with other occasions I’ve been put on the spot, I blurted out tongue-tied sounds comparable to a dribbling b-b-b-b-basketball.  I don’t know precisely what bounced out, but I’m pretty sure…

  2. My Tamagotchi needs feeding

    09 Sep 2020
    The Tamagotchi. A faddish keychain-sized electronic game created by the Japanese in the 90s. The premise: an egg would appear on screen, hatch into a pet, and you would proceed to spend every waking moment nurturing it from baby to adult.  To avoid being labelled a “bad parent”, you had…

  3. Artwork feature: Rinse Repeat

    26 Aug 2020
    I’ve had this lovely photo of a Belgian laundromat since 2016. I remember thinking the neat and tidy teal display felt so peaceful at the time. Sitting in a little laundry in a quiet street of Bruges, watching our smalls swishing and swirling in the suds, the hum of dryers…

  4. Left-handed problems

    12 Aug 2020
    The other day I woke up with a pesky sore finger on my right hand, my do-all dominant hand. The pain persisted but of course I did nothing about it as I don’t like to admit defeat.  Correction, I did do something. I began catastrophising my future as an artist.…

  5. Acid belongs in margaritas not art supplies

    29 Jul 2020
    Curtains faded? White clothing yellowed? Face leatherier than a saddle-makers workshop? Yeah, these are the result of the mean old sun!  As any annoying unwrinkled teen will tell you, ageing is a part of life. Sadly, artwork is susceptible to environmental ravages over time too. Even paintings by the Old…

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