1. Artwork feature: Rinse Repeat

    26 Aug 2020
    I’ve had this lovely photo of a Belgian laundromat since 2016. I remember thinking the neat and tidy teal display felt so peaceful at the time. Sitting in a little laundry in a quiet street of Bruges, watching our smalls swishing and swirling in the suds, the hum of dryers…

  2. Left-handed problems

    12 Aug 2020
    The other day I woke up with a pesky sore finger on my right hand, my do-all dominant hand. The pain persisted but of course I did nothing about it as I don’t like to admit defeat.  Correction, I did do something. I began catastrophising my future as an artist.…

  3. Acid belongs in margaritas not art supplies

    29 Jul 2020
    Curtains faded? White clothing yellowed? Face leatherier than a saddle-makers workshop? Yeah, these are the result of the mean old sun!  As any annoying unwrinkled teen will tell you, ageing is a part of life. Sadly, artwork is susceptible to environmental ravages over time too. Even paintings by the Old…

  4. Commission your own artwork

    15 Jul 2020
    Maybe you’re wondering what to get your partner to celebrate becoming an old boring couple. Why not gift a commissioned piece, something to hang beside photos of places you went when you were both more exciting Below I explain how art commissions work and the basic steps to getting one…

  5. Dear diary

    01 Jul 2020
    In case all the car ads didn’t give it away, it’s the end of another financial year (“EOFYs” I believe is the expensive marketing jingle they’ve all come up with). EOFYs, the time we madly race around looking for faded receipts as feeble offerings for the tax office.  I think…

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