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  1. How to be a professional artist - the day I headlined for Duran Duran

    2020-02-19 23:19:27 UTC

    Ok so I wasn’t expecting a part 2 but here it is.  I was once again taken aback, this time by a phone call asking for an interview on ABC Radio Gold Coast drive time. The team had been contacted about my Art Lovers Australia win for ‘This is not

  2. How to be a professional artist - the day I became a selfie star

    2020-02-12 02:59:38 UTC

    I thought I’d amuse myself and share my latest art studio escapades Having only recently moved into this house, my studio is still looking a little barren. I don’t have use for easels, drop cloths, trestle tables, racks of canvases and the like, so everything is fairly minimal and compact.…

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