How to be a professional artist - the day I headlined for Duran Duran

Ok so I wasn’t expecting a part 2 but here it is. 

I was once again taken aback, this time by a phone call asking for an interview on ABC Radio Gold Coast drive time. The team had been contacted about my Art Lovers Australia win for ‘This is not a drill’ and were excited to talk more about it. 

To be honest, these goings-on aren’t my first dibble dabble with fame.

I once read the local weather on live radio, at a very obscure suburban radio station no one has heard of.

In the 80s I won $100 in a local colouring-in competition. Not sure what I spent the money on but it likely involved sweets. 

Oh, and I was in the local newspaper, also in the 80s for, drumroll please……table manners! Don’t adjust your dials, you heard me correctly, table manners. “What a frivolous antiquated notion” I hear you scoff. Perhaps, but when the Queen visits to personally select my artwork for Meghan and Harry’s new Canadian estate, I’ll be the one having the last laugh. 

“Jeeves, the soup must be ladled AWAY from you, never towards.” (Source:

I digress. 

I had no need for the great makeup soiree I wrote about in my previous post “How to be a professional artist - the day I became a selfie star”

At the radio station, I sat and listened to the segments before me. I pondered how, what I had set out to do 12 months ago had become very surreal. Discussions over the air of politics and poor corporate culture reminded me of what I had left behind, the paper-pushing circus monkey I once was. I smugly thought how grateful I was to be doing what I’m doing now. 

On air, Duran Duran was my opening act. Mr Slager informed me later “You know I love you, because I even endured Duran Duran waiting for you to come on!” Cherub isn’t he.

Albeit a small segment, it was awesome. The crew at the station were so lovely, and presenter Julie Clift eased my nerves. 

Julie Clift and moi

Not sure I want to be doing this, but you may listen to the segment by clicking on the video below. Note Julie’s correct pronunciation of Slager (Lager, with an S). She’s a class act!

I thought perhaps my stint on local radio to a town of 680,000 would happily go unnoticed. Just something that would nicely float off into the ether. Nope. The word of my notoriety had spread, with a good friend ringing to say he had heard the whole thing. 

I have since had articles in the newspaper and other art magazines. With all this media attention, poor Mr Slager is now suffering through my diva like demands:

Me: “I MUST have my caviar at room temperature”

Me: “Have you bought the artisan bread that’s hand sliced by Peruvian monks?”

Also me: “You KNOW I must have complete silence when I’m sharpening my pencils”

Quips aside, this experience has really got me pumped to start on my new projects! It is so humbling to hear people love your work. Making a living as an artist is HARD. Sure, you don’t have to wear pants most days, but getting your name out there, getting people to pull the trigger and buy your work, marketing yourself, all this stuff does not come easily, at least not for me. I am very much a work in progress. 

Now, I really must go as the paparazzi are blocking the front lawn.

If you need something to do while you sit and stab at your peas like an uncouth peasant, may I recommend reading Part 1 ‘How to be a professional artist - the day I became a selfie star’ if you haven’t already. 

x Candy

I’ve bleated on long enough about all this new found fame of mine. I feel a bit like Hyacinth and her stint with the holiday brochures (linked below for your enjoyment)! Hopefully back to normal programming next week.

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