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  1. Artwork feature: Rinse Repeat

    26 Aug 2020

    I’ve had this lovely photo of a Belgian laundromat since 2016. I remember thinking the neat and tidy teal display felt so peaceful at the time. Sitting in a little laundry in a quiet street of Bruges, watching our smalls swishing and swirling in the suds, the hum of dryers…

  2. Artwork feature: the remains of Ephesus, and the missing swimsuit

    20 May 2020

    When you’re unable to travel, why not revisit travels past.  Today’s artwork feature and blog post comes to you courtesy of Turkey. No, it’s not a sponsored post for Steggles Poultry. It’s my recollection of the wonders of Turkey the country, its sights, sounds, and bombastic tour guides.  As you’ve…

  3. Artwork feature: I want to speak to the manager

    15 Apr 2020

    ‘I want to speak to the manager’ Thankfully I’ve never received this verbal slap in the face in any of my past employment.  Although a delivery driver once bellowed down the phone at me to express outrage at driving up a newly built one-way street, something I had somehow surreptitiously…

  4. Artwork feature: Japan, Nakabashi Bridge

    01 Apr 2020

    Once again, it is sakura season in Japan. Cherry blossoms, yay! A beautiful time of year that has been celebrated for several centuries.   Regrettably this year, due to Coronavirus, it is recommended people stay home and watch previous blossomings online in the comfort of their own home with a glass…

  5. Artwork feature: Chip bandit

    11 Mar 2020

    Seagulls. If they’re not pooping on our heads, they’re stealing our chips.  Has this been your experience? Whole pieces of fish, ice creams, iPhones, slow moving children. These feathered thieves don’t discriminate. It’s all theirs for the taking! I’ve never had anything stolen by a seagull, but I remember the…

  6. The great pyramid scheme - commission

    27 Feb 2020

    Well, who do we have here then! For the sake of brevity, because he likes a lot of superfluous letters in his surname, we’ll call him by his first name - Steve.  ‘Steve’ - graphite drawing by Candace Slager Who is Steve? As you can see from the picture, he…

  7. Artwork feature: It’s alright once you’re in

    26 Feb 2020

    As 27 February is International Polar Bear Day, I thought it would be remiss not to revisit my graphite polar bear piece ‘It’s alright once you’re in’ ‘It’s alright once you’re in’ - by Candace Slager There’s no grand activist story behind my decision to draw a polar…

  8. Artwork feature: When is a Roman soldier not a Roman soldier?

    05 Feb 2020

    Here is my piece ‘Do you have change for a denarius?’ What would you say is depicted here? Roman centurions or Roman Legionnaires ‘Do you have change for a denarius?’ by Candace Slager Surprisingly, it’s neither of those. The secret lies in which century you live. These are actually fake…

  9. New art: Skipping from the hips, a lesson in being a cow!

    24 Jan 2020

    Huzzah! Here is my latest colour pencil piece First, I must tell you a silly story.  ‘Cow corner’ - colour pencil on watercolour paper For locals on the Gold Coast you will know these cows pretty well. A random farmyard in the middle of udder suburbia (sorry). A remnant of…

  10. 7 Tips for looking after your artwork

    16 Jan 2020

    As a fair skinned gal living in a part of Australia where it is hot and humid, with most days reaching a UV index of 13 (Extreme), I can appreciate good weather protection. I wear SPF50 sunscreen 363 days, and a light jacket the other two.  Artwork is an investment…

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